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Accelerated Breeding: Genomic Selection and Predictive Breeding

Researchers from Agriculture Victoria Research in Australia will share insights into genomic selection and predictive breeding at the Global Institute for Food Security’s latest seminar exploring accelerated breeding.

At this online webinar, GIFS will also provide an update on its Accelerated Breeding Program that is being established to provide public and private plant-breeding organizations with access to these advanced technologies that can help optimize breeding pipelines and bring new crop varieties to agricultural producers faster.

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2023
3-5 p.m. in Saskatchewan (5-7 p.m. EST)


Dr. Michelle Malmberg, Senior Research Scientist
Agriculture Victoria Research
Enabling Genomic Selection in Orphan Species

Dr. Abdulqader Jighly, Research Scientist,
Agriculture Victoria Research
Genomic Selection: Nurturing the Seeds of Sustainable Food Security

Dr. Steven Webb, CEO
Global Institute for Food Security

Dr. John Davies,
Global Institute for Food Security

About Accelerated Breeding

In the face of limited resources, climate change and geopolitical conflict, the race is on to feed a growing world more sustainably. The need for innovative tools and technologies that can do more with less and increase crop yield and resiliency has never been more pronounced.

Accelerated breeding combines the latest plant-breeding technologies, such as speed breeding, doubled haploid technologies and genomic selection with data management and analytics.

Used and proven for over 20 years in dairy and for more than a decade in corn and soybean, accelerated breeding technologies:

  • Shorten the breeding cycle of crops;
  • Enable breeding to changing environments;
  • Enhance the rate of genetic gain;
  • Increase genetic gain per dollar invested; and
  • Enhance sustainable food production and increase crop yields.

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