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GIFS is building Canada’s only biomanufacturing program dedicated to advancing innovative and sustainable agriculture and food.

Combining the strengths of GIFS’ platform technologies in engineering biology, sequencing (OPAL), data management and analytics and cell biology, our Biomanufacturing Program will help GIFS’ partners to rapidly scale the research and development of new products.

This new infrastructure will help researchers and processors to pursue opportunities within this burgeoning field of research and development while increasing the pace of research into sustainable agriculture and innovative new products.


Applications for Biomanufacturing

The applications for biomanufacturing within agri-food are numerous and include the discovery and production of natural products, proteins, peptides, and other biologically derived products that will enhance food production while reducing environmental impact, including:

  • Valorizing agricultural waste streams as feedstock to produce high value products;
  • Developing biologicals for highly targeted crop protection and plant health;
  • Harnessing enzymes to improve soil health, animal production, and food processing;
  • Producing food ingredients and flavours at lower costs and with less waste;
  • Advancing microbiome engineering for plant and animal health;
  • Discovery of and improving microbial chassis to be used as cellular factories; and
  • Engineering solutions to enhance photosynthesis and carbon sequestration.

Through our Biomanufacturing Program, GIFS is providing agri-food partners with new access to leading-edge technologies while supporting the creation of new jobs, businesses and opportunities within the agri-food and innovation ecosystem.


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