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Policy and Regulatory

GIFS’ Policy and Regulatory Program supports the widespread adoption of the innovative products and solutions its programs, partners and agri-food stakeholders are delivering.

Through this program, we are identifying regulatory constraints or social barriers that may affect or delay the transfer of innovation and are conducting research and outreach activities to support the creation and modernization of transparent, predictable and science-based regulations.

These activities consist of initiatives to define, measure and communicate the safety, sustainability and positive impact of innovative agricultural practices and agri-food products, as well as participation in national organizations and committees that engage relevant stakeholders across the agri-food sector.

Carbon Life Cycle Analysis 

GIFS commissioned studies in 2022 to examine the carbon footprint of agricultural production in Saskatchewan, Western Canada and Canada, and has compared those results to some of our closest competitors across the world. The results shed light on the agriculture sector’s contributions to sustainability and can help inform the development of science-based policy and regulations.

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