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Why Partner with GIFS?

Finding solutions to the challenges facing the global food system requires an innovative and collaborative approach that delivers value to all stakeholders.

The Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) works with partners to discover, develop and deliver innovative solutions for the production of globally sustainable food. Serving as ‘agriculture’s innovation catalyst’, GIFS is connecting the agri-food ecosystem, advancing innovation and bridging the gap to commercialization to deliver resilient and sustainable food security for all stakeholders.

We are open for business.

Located within one of the world’s strongest agri-science ecosystems, we are helping to build a food-secure world from Saskatchewan-out, working with, industry, producers, consumers, academics and governments both at home and abroad to decrease the time between the discovery of innovative science and its delivery to market at home and around the globe.

Interested in collaborating on an idea or project?
Contact us at partnerwithus@gifs.ca.

Saskatchewan By the Numbers

Saskatchewan is uniquely positioned to lead the world’s efforts to address the issue of food insecurity. Arable land, numerous commodity areas, strong agricultural exports.

At 651,900 km2, Saskatchewan is a vast and expansive network of farmland and urban development. Saskatchewan has 44% of Canada’s arable farmland totalling more than 60 million acres.


Canada's chickpeas


Canada's lentils


Canada's durum wheat


Canada's flaxseed


Canada's dry peas


Canada's canola