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Bangabandhu-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Agriculture Technology Centre

Two GIFS researchers in an agricultre innovation lab.

An essential focus of the GIFS-Bangladesh partnership is the creation of a new agricultural technology centre in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Inaugurated in 2023, the Bangabandhu-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Agriculture Technology Centre will run five thematic research and development programs to build research and training capacity in Bangladesh, develop innovative solutions to enhance food security in the country and aid technology transfer between Bangladesh and Canada. GIFS and other Saskatchewan and Canadian partners will lead the five thematic programs, listed below:

1. Genomics and phenomics for plant breeding for crop improvement.
2. Soil health and quality for farm productivity.
3. Soil water regime and adaptation.
4. Post-harvest food handling and processing.
5. Data management and analysis.

Bangladesh declared its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Canada was one of the first countries to recognize the country’s independence. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the prime minister of Canada at the time. The name of the centre is the Government of Bangladesh’s recognition and appreciation of this history.

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