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Dr. Raju Datla

Program Lead, Resilient Agriculture

Phone: 306 966 3735
Email: raju.datla@gifs.ca

Dr. Raju Datla joined GIFS as a senior scientist in December 2019. Prior to joining GIFS he was a research staff at the National Research Council Canada, as a Research Officer since 1993. Dr. Datla received a Master’s degree in plant embryology and genetics and a PhD in plant genetics and evolution.

During his tenure at the NRC Plant Biotechnology institute, he conducted research in several strategic areas of plant biology using model system Arabidopsis and crop species canola, flax and wheat. This research was aimed at the development of genetic tools and technologies for plant transgenic studies, isolation and characterization cell and tissue specific promoters, discovery and functions of regulatory factors controlling meristems, architecture, embryo and seed development.

He has published over 120 research papers and is an inventor of 18 patents. Besides scientific contributions, Dr. Datla served in various leadership roles – as group lead, pillar lead and in coordinating plant genomics projects and initiatives.  

Dr. Datla’s research work in partnership with the research team at GIFS aims to understand the developmental and molecular machinery underpinning the performance and productivity in crop plants. The multidisciplinary systems approach will use GIFS’ unique capabilities for the development of tools and technologies, providing solutions for sustainability and productivity challenges in Canadian agriculture.