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Dr. Marco Ferroni

Chair, CGIAR System Board (Retired, December 2022)

Dr. Marco Ferroni is Chairman of Vertical Future, a leading UK-based technology, data systems and engineering company for indoor vertical farming. He retired in December 2022 after five years as Chair of the System Board of CGIAR, the world’s leading publicly funded agri-food, land and water systems research and innovation network. Prior to his time at CGIAR, he served as Executive Director of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture for ten years, a knowledge hub for innovation in agriculture and incubator of technology and support systems for productivity growth and resilience of small farms in low-income countries and Emerging Markets. He held managerial and senior advisory positions in development policy and finance at the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank over the years and worked as a policy analyst and trade diplomat in his native Switzerland at the beginning of his career. He holds a doctorate in agricultural economics from Cornell University and (during his years at Syngenta) served as Adjunct Professor in agriculture and environmental sciences at McGill University.