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Dr. Javier Mora Macias

Postdoctoral Fellow, Root-Soil-Microbial Interactions

Phone: 306-966-3719
Email: javier.mora@gifs.ca

Javier’s passion for the study of plants was strengthened during high school where he studied at a small center for forest studies in Uruapan, in the west of Mexico. After high school, he continued his studies in the faculty of agrobiology (UMSNH) where he received the title of agronomist and acquired the bases for the genetic improvement of plants.

Javier obtained a MSc and Ph.D. in plant biotechnology, under the advice of Dr. Luis Herrera-Estrella, at CINVESTAV-LANGEBIO, Mexico. During this time, he studied the molecular mechanisms that control the plant root developmental in response to the constant change in the soil mineral availability.