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Dr. Rana Mustafa

Business Lead

Phone: 306-966-3736
Email: rana.mustafa@gifs.ca

Dr. Rana Mustafa is a food scientist, researcher, and writer focusing on agri-food innovation to help reduce hunger and contribute to global food security and sustainability.

Rana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Engineering (Syria) and a PhD in Food Biotechnology and Processing (University of Lorraine, France). Over the last fifteen years, she has gained internationally recognized expertise in value-added agriculture, project management, food product development, and product commercialization, continuously improving her ability to adapt to a variety of work environments and broadening her perspective on global issues.

Dr. Mustafa joins the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) as a Business Lead, where she focuses on fostering collaborations between industry and researchers, identifying funding opportunities and developing collaborative project proposals to bring innovative ideas from the lab to market.

Prior to GIFS, Rana was the Value-Added Processing Research Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, focused upon delivering high-quality projects and expediting product commercialization. Her roles included project management, developing research priorities, evaluating value-added process projects for funding programs, and communicating with stakeholders to provide technical support and guidance. She also worked as a Professional Research Associate at the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan, and with Prairie Tide Diversified as a Food Product Development Consultant. Her work focused on developing innovative products and technologies, communicating with food companies, and advancing strategic collaborations between scientific partners and industrial investors.