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Dr. Nadeem Khan

Postdoctoral Fellow, Plant Improvement Program

Email: nadeem.khan@gifs.ca

Nadeem has completed PhD degree from the Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Dr. Sylvie Cloutier and Dr. Frank M. You. His PhD was based on use of bioinformatics to unravel the genetic mechanisms of cadmium accumulation and to improve breeding methods in flax. He obtained his MSc in plant science from Nanjing Agricultural University, China in 2019 where he primarily focused on bioinformatics analysis of abiotic stress and hormone signalling related gene families in Brassica rapa. He did his undergraduate degree from native Pakistan.

During his graduate degrees, he received many awards including a postgraduate scholarship from the Chinese Government, best thesis award from Nanjing University and graduate scholarship special case from University of Ottawa among others.

His research interests include genome-wide associations, genomic selection, genomic cross-prediction, transposable elements discovery and gene expression profiling for crop improvement.

At GIFS, Nadeem has joined the OPAL platform with Dr. Andrew Sharpe in developing genomic resources for wheatgrass and quackgrass species.