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Relevance and Impact: GIFS Enhancing Food Security in Saskatchewan, Canada and Around the World (Video)

The Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) is committed to ingenious science that delivers transformative innovation to agriculture and food production—innovation that can be applied locally in Saskatchewan, as well as in Canada and in other parts of the world. Established in 2012 by three visionary founding partners, Nutrien (formerly PotashCorp), the Government of Saskatchewan and the University of Saskatchewan, GIFS works to help feed the world better, through relevant and impactful solutions to address food security.

In the video below, Steven Webb (PhD), GIFS’ Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, speaks with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture about how the institute, in collaboration with diverse partners and players, is contributing to the agriculture and food production ecosystem. “There are lots of components to the food security ecosystem, including producers, institutions, industry and distributors,” said Webb. “GIFS is part of that ecosystem, primarily at the production agriculture end, providing solutions for an accessible, safe, nutritious and reliable food system.”

Video: Click the image below for the video on how GIFS contributes to enhancing food security, through solutions to benefit producers in Saskatchewan and beyond.