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31 Jul, 2019

Seminar: Overview and Update on Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Come learn about Oxford Nanopore Technologies disruptive platform for the direct, electronic analysis of single molecules. Our instruments are adaptable for the detection and analysis of a range of analytes that include DNA, RNA, proteins and small molecules. See how Oxford Nanopore is integrating data analysis into the standard workflow to automate data analysis workflows to help users track, trend and predict biological data resulting in real time actionable interpretation of their data. Explore the Nanopore Community to see how it helps new users get started with technical documentation as well as user driven forums and encourages discussion and collaborative experimentation using our technology. There is a growing list of publications on the many uses for our nanopore sensing platform that include field-based applications, genome assembly, real time pathogen detection and surveillance, metagenomics analysis, anti-microbial resistance detection, education and many more including sequencing on the International Space Station.

Presenter: James Brayer


Meeting Room #2/4 NRC Building, 110 Gymnasium Place